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Bennett Park: Phase 1

Phase 1, currently underway, includes:

  • Demolition of all buildings on the property,

  • Re-grading and grass-seeding of the park,

  • Creation of the Great Lawn, a large open space for public events, and the Allée of Trees entry, 

  • Construction of paths and parking lots,

  • Renovation of the original Bennett College Outdoor Greek Theater for small recitals and performances, and 

  • Preservation of original stone used in the Halcyon Hall foundations and chimneys to be used for construction of future facilities in the park.


Preserved original stone foundation creates Halcyon Terrace.


Restored original Bennett College Outdoor Greek Theater

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BP_Phase 1_Edit_20Jan2023-4c.jpg

PHASE 1 Plan Legend

A. Great Lawn 

B. Grass Knoll 

C. Halcyon Terrace 

D. East Parking Area 

E. Overflow Event Parking 

F. Allée of Trees Entry 

G. Multi-use Paths 

H. Existing Exmoore Drive 

I. Outdoor Greek Theater 

J. Shady Knoll

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