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Planning Committee All-Day Meeting

By Thorne Building  Posted July 24, 2018


Several weeks ago, the Planning Committee of the Thorne Building Community Center held an all-day meeting. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold.

First, it was to hear a report from Carole Martin, the consultant, about the information that she and members of the committee had gathered from the community and from two site visits to other organizations that had undertaken projects similar to ours. (They were the North East Community Center in Millerton and St. James Place in Great Barrington.) Though different in their goals – see their respective websites, links above— they nevertheless stimulated thinking about the kinds of programs that might best occupy the spaces in the Thorne Building.

Second, it was to discuss various possible programs to be implemented in the Thorne Building Community Center(TBCC) and to form a set of recommendations for presentation to the Board of the TBCC in the fall. Included in these recommendations will be:

  • The types and array of program offerings to be provided

  • The configuration of the spaces within the building

  • The phasing and sequencing of the restoration(exterior and interior)

  • The staffing model

After the Board of the TBCC considers the Planning Committee’s recommendations, weighs in with any needed refinements and finalizes the plan, the Board of the TBCC will hold a community conversation to share what has been decided.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charles E .Pierce, Jr.

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